Aaron’s anger shocks Chas

Aaron’s dad, Gordon, has appeared in Emmerdale and Aaron isn’t happy to see him, even if he is battling cancer. Well, Gordon did turn his back on his son all those years ago… Worse, though, for Aaron is that Chas is happy to have Gordon around. Would she choose him over her son? Is that what Aaron’s worried about – or is it something else? Chas assures angry Aaron that they can forget about Gordon, but it doesn’t look like it’s that simple for Aaron, who has clearly started self-harming again.

Life isn’t simple for Moira, either… Debbie took off after she found out Ross shot Robert, and she left her little half-brother, Moses, in Moira and Cain’s care, until Charity gets out of prison. But that’s not where Emma wants Moses. He’s Ross’s son and she wants him to claim the baby. And Emma has a way of getting what she wants, one way or another…

Vanessa wanted Kirin to be the father of her baby, but the DNA test said it was Adam. Except…Kirin’s dad had doctored the test results. Now Vanessa’s suspicious and is secretly repeating the test. And we all know what she’s going to find out.