Aaron’s in BIG trouble on Christmas Eve

*Hour-long episode*

Uh oh, Aaron’s in big trouble. BIG trouble. The warehouse robbery has made the news and the papers, and Gordon has spotted the story. Chas doesn’t want to believe Aaron was involved when her ex approaches her with the article about their son. But when the police gatecrash the village nativity play, looking for Aaron, is he about to become seriously unstuck?

So Zak is now in deep with Joanie. But their illicit romance is about to get found out by Belle, who catches the unaware pair kissing. She’s disgusted with her dad for cheating on her mum, his wife Lisa. When the teen later tells Lachlan about it, Belle vows to make Joanie pay. She soon comes good on her threat and floods Joanie’s flat! But the plan backfires as Lisa ends up inviting Joanie to stay again.

With grieving Pollard showing no signs of brightening up, David is at a total loss. His plan to try to track down Val’s stolen engagement ring failed – but unbeknown to him the thief, Lachlan, is about to try to return it…