In court, Aaron and his loved ones are gathered for Gordon’s hearing. But with Gordon – who stands abused of abusing Aaron when he was young – hamming it up for the crowd by pretending to be really poorly, will things go in his favour? Things get worse when DS Wise reports Gordon is in the clear for vandalising Aaron’s car, as he has an alibi who stacks up. If Gordon didn’t attack the car, who did?

When Ross passes on some of his robbery cash to his accomplice Charity, she’s able to pay off some of what she owes for the pub. But when Cain clocks Charity ex handing over a wodge of cash to Doug, he wants to know how his supposedly skint ex got to be so flush. Will she cave in when he asks if she was involved in the recent local robbery?

Having realised Doug has made no effort whatsoever in writing his father of the bride speech, upset Laurel tells her dad she doesn’t want him at the wedding.