Aaron’s sister confronts their dad!

First episode

Liv wants answers from Aaron about their dad. It takes Aaron a huge amount of bravery to tell his sister that their dad sexually abused him when he was little. After confessing, Aaron’s emotionally exhausted at having to rake up the whole ordeal and involve his younger sister in the nightmare. But Liv isn’t done yet.

She wants to confront her dad. Having sneakily got hold of his address, Liv heads off to speak to Gordon. When Aaron realises Liv’s gone, he sets off in hot pursuit and gets to Gordon’s just as his stepmum Sandra is arriving, too…

At Laurel’s hen do it’s all a bit awkward when Harriet turns up. Not wanting Ashley’s ex to feel excluded, Laurel invites the vicar to stay. Before long, Harriet notices Laurel isn’t drinking and guesses she’s pregnant. Will Harriet keep the secret to herself? Elsewhere, Ashley’s relieved to hear Doug plans to make peace with Laurel.

Ross turns the tables on Charity and slaps his blackmailer with a demand of his own – he wants Debbie’s number! At the garage, Charity tries to eek it out of Cain – but gets nowhere.