Aaron’s stuck in court, so Hazel’s on her own when Jerry arrives at Jackson’s funeral. He’s furious with her and glad Aaron’s not there. But Jackson’s message to his mourners is clear: Hazel and Aaron did what they did because he asked them to and because they loved him. When it’s over, Chas hears Aaron’s been released on bail and finds him at Jackson’s grave. He’s inconsolable, though and wants to be left alone. He and Jackson were Butch Cassidy and the Tetraplegic Kid (well, that’s how Jackson thought Aaron saw them) and now it’s just Butch; except there’s nothing butch about Aaron as he says goodbye to the man he loved.

Well, who knew Cain had a sensitive side?! He shows it when he tells Debbie he’s going to go away for a while so she and Cameron can have some time to come to terms with the miscarriage. Trouble is, Cameron doesn’t know what to say to Debbie.

Pollard knows what he could say to Val and Amy to make them happy; he could just say that he’s buying the barn conversion. But he’s having a wicked time watching them trying to persuade him.