So while Aaron thinks his mum has cut all ties with his dad, her ex, Gordon, Chas has been sneaking off and spending the night with him! But the secret romance is about to come unstuck when Aaron ends up following Chas and finds out the relationship is still on! Will this prompt more self-destructive behaviour from self-harming Aaron?

Having recently learned he’s a father, Kirin is struggling with parenting. Adam, meanwhile, who originally thought he was little Johnny’s dad, has an easy bond with the baby, which makes Kirin feel threatened. Jealous of their relationship, immature Kirin tells Adam to stay away from his son.

With the wedding off, Rakesh is desperate to win back Priya. But will his honesty, when he confesses to kissing Chrissie, have the desired effect to convince her there will be no more lies infecting their relationship?