Goodness! They only started going out with each five minutes ago. Now, thanks to Paddy, Aaron finds his loverboy, Jackson, is moving in! Jackson loses the roof he had over his head because of an accidental flooding and Paddy says he can move in with him and Aaron at Smithy Cottage. Trouble is, Aaron’s not ready for such a big step – especially when he sees who Jackson has brought with him.

It’s time for Leyla to say goodbye to her mum – and she decides she’s going to the funeral, no matter what her sister Alicia says. But, to David’s surprise, she tells him she’s going alone. What is it that she doesn’t want him to find out??? At the service, Leyla takes her place in the front with the family, and Alicia is furious. As far as Alicia is concerned, Leyla is as dead to her as their mother. As cold as ice, Alicia tells a devastated Leyla she can do what she wants with their mother’s ashes…

Rhona tries to inject some romance into her relationship with Marlon by suggesting a cycle ride to a secluded spot. But Marlon’s left deflated when she gets a flat tyre then abandons him to respond to a call-out.

*Second episode*

When big-hearted Paddy offered Jackson a home, did he realise Mum would come, too? Well, she does! Aaron doesn’t know what to say when Jackson introduces him to his mum Hazel (the wonderful Pauline Quirke) and tells him that Paddy said they could both stay at Smithy. Did he? Paddy’s more than a little confused when Aaron demands to know why he would agree to such a thing…

As cold as Leyla’s sister Alicia has been to her, she hasn’t been able to freeze Leyla out. Instead of leaving Alicia alone, Leyla goes to her mother’s house after the funeral and watches Alicia and her husband, Justin, mingling with the mourners. Justin sees Leyla and quickly tells her to leave. But it’s clear that Leyla has something on her mind.

Andy’s struggling with his feelings, too. He wants time alone with Adele, but her mate Gennie is feeling blue so she invites her out with them to try to cheer her up. She’s just being a good mate, but angry Andy thinks she’s being a bad girlfriend and refuses to share her. When Adele gets annoyed and chooses to spend her time with Gennie Andy’s anger boils over…

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