That dodgy motor of Aaron’s is proving harder to shift than Val Pollard when it’s her turn to clean at the B&B. Having been forced to take the car back from Pearl, Aaron thinks he has found another buyer – a bloke called Mickey. A deal is done… and then it’s undone. Mickey realises the car has been clocked and wants his money back – and he’s not taking ‘no’ for an answer. Trouble is, Aaron won’t say ‘yes’.

Junkie Holly’s problem is she can’t say ‘no’ to the drugs that have turned her from a teenager with attitude into a teenager with no gratitude. Farmer John and Moira torture themselves by visiting her at the address she gave them. They want to believe she’s OK, but it’s clear that she isn’t. And after Mum and Dad leave we see her boyfriend is her supplier and her home is little more than a drugs den. Her future looks bleak.

There’s upset on the horizon for Lizzie, too, but she can’t see it. Encouraged by Marlon, smitten Lizzie asks Bob out for a drink. But she shouldn’t pin her hopes on a man who’s been married six times.

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