Aaron tells Chas to forget Carl

Chas is still feeling awkward as the villagers continue to make comments about her and Carl, while Aaron is constantly watching her. When he spots her talking to Carl for the second time in one day, he’s angry and warns her not to get involved with him.

Will insists on buying Ryan a thank you present for rescuing him. Natasha agrees but quickly makes an excuse to leave, much to Will’s disappointment. Later, Mark takes Will to see the horses to face his fear and when Ryan arrives to see Katie, he’s touched to see his two sons bond. Natasha arrives back and pleads with Mark to hold out for a little longer, but he’s asked his friend to withdraw the job offer in Dubai. She begs him to change his mind but he’s adamant and reiterates that Ryan is his son and that is not something he can ignore.

Terry is stunned when Val and Pollard tell him they’ve made an offer to Louise for her half of the B&B.

Also, Marlon is annoyed with Moira’s suggestions to his menu and refuses her offer of help in the kitchen; Ashley’s geared up to beat Vincent in the cricket match.