*First episode*

As Aaron heads out to try to make contact with his stepmum, Sandra, who could be his only hope of getting Gordon banged up for abusing him, he’s pleased when Robert insists on going with him. When the lads get near, Aaron suddenly stalls. After a serious chat with Robert, he finds the courage to face his former family and is given something else to think about when Robert’s wallet gets swiped! When Aaron and Robert make it to Sandra’s house, they come face to face with the thief – Aaron’s sister Liv!

At Home Farm, Chrissie reckons she’s got Bernice in her sights. Having employed Andy, knowing Bernice had a thing with him, Chrissie gets Lachlan to help her set up webcams around the house, convinced that Bernice will cheat on Lawrence with Andy.

With her release from prison coming up, Charity’s getting ready and calls Rakesh to instruct him that she wants all her money out of Home James. Elsewhere, Marlon tells his ex, Laurel, he’ll do the catering for her upcoming wedding to Ashley!