Life is too hard for Aaron… Unlike Paddy, Jackson is not prepared to be his punch bag and has him charged with ABH. The villagers think Aaron’s a homophobic thug and Chas tells him how disgusted she is by his violence. Determined to stand up for Aaron, Paddy finally tells a shocked Chas the truth about why he hit Jackson. He then admits to a desolate Aaron that Chas and Marlon know he’s gay. Paddy wants Aaron to admit to everyone that he’s homosexual but Aaron can’t do that. Desperate and scared, Aaron decides he’d rather be dead than live with the truth. He locks himself in the garage and starts the engine of a car…

Oblivious to Aaron’s torment, life goes on in Emmerdale… Jai and Nikhil tell an angry Natasha that their advisor, Declan, has told them not to buy into Home Farm. But Declan has also found someone who is willing to invest in Natasha’s business. Now who could that be?

Meanwhile, at The Woolpack, Diane is upset when she hears that Charlie is planning to return to France. Oooh la la, it seems that she really likes him…

*Second episode, 8pm*

Paddy and Chas are worried about Aaron so Adam offers to look for him. That’s when he sees the smoke coming from the garage… With Cain’s help, Adam pulls Aaron’s lifeless body from the car. While Adam gives Aaron mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, Cain races to get Paddy and Chas, telling them Aaron has tried to commit suicide. The ambulance arrives and races Aaron to hospital – but can he be saved?

Meanwhile, Natasha is working on saving Home Farm and Declan has an offer…but is it one she can’t refuse? Not at first glance. Declan proposes she retains a 51 per cent share in Home Farm and Natasha isn’t overwhelmed but eventually agrees. They celebrate their new partnership in The Woolpack but is Natasha going to discover that she’s made a pact with the Devil?

Carl’s certainly not happy with the deal he’s done… He’s agreed that his kids can move to Saudi Arabia with Colleen and is trying to enjoy his last day with them. Nicola turns up looking for Jimmy and sees how upset Carl is by what’s happening. Just when Nicola could put the boot in, though, she surprises Carl by complimenting him on how he’s coped with Thomas and Anya.

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