On a night out with Adam and Holly, under-age Aaron is thrown out of a bar. Holly stays with her college mates but Adam leaves with Aaron. As they drive home in Ryan’s borrowed car, a distracted Aaron veers onto the wrong side of the road. Adam grabs the wheel and the car goes into a ditch. Aaron has cut his head but his show of gratitude to a concerned Adam is surprising: he tries to kiss him! A shocked Adam wants to know what Aaron’s up to and the poor lad doesn’t know what to say. But Adam wants answers…

Charity has dug in her high heels and is refusing to leave the village. She thinks she’s being clever using the friendship between Noah and Sarah to bring about peace between her and Debbie. But Debbie is furious with her for trying to manipulate her. Floored by the strength of Debbie’s feelings, Charity tells her she won’t leave; she wants to be with her family. Will Debbie show her mum the forgiveness she craves?

With her brother deported, Olena finds herself hiding out in the Dingle’s home. Zak finds her but agrees to let her stay for a few more days. Is Sam about to lose his new friend?

*Second episode*

Still sitting in the car, Adam wants to know why Aaron tried to kiss him. Scared of his own feelings, Aaron gets out of the car but Adam follows. Desperate to get away from the torturous situation, Aaron gets back in the car and drives the car at Adam, who manages to avoid him. Back in Emmerdale, neither lad is talking about what happened between them but both are angry. Aaron runs away from a concerned Chas. On the bridge, he pushes past a terrified Lizzie, whose bag goes flying into the water as she falls to the ground. She thinks she’s been mugged – and Aaron thinks he is a mug. What will he do about Adam?

And what will Ashley do about Sally? As she catches up with him in the village, Ashley comes faces to face with a hostile Nicola, who suggests he doesn’t seem to be missing Laurel. Sally follows Ashley home but he doesn’t let her inside. How will she handle his rejection? And how will she feel when Ashley’s dad Sandy moves into the vicarage to support his son?

Charity is still not spending Cain’s money. In fact, she’s determined to get a job and buy Debbie a Christmas present. But will it make any difference?