Aaron uncovers the truth

Aaron finds out that Rory is a liar

Aaron confronts Rory about Mick not being his stalker. Rory tries to worm his way out of his lies, but Aaron has solid proof that Rory was behind everything. Rory tries to explain that his actions were out of love, but Aaron isn’t interested. He sends Rory packing in the hope of salvaging his relationship with David – but is it too little too late?

Meanwhile, Sheila is confident that she passed the biology test with ease. So she’s left speechless when she receives an average mark, whereas, Shane gets the highest score. Sheila is livid and is infuriated even more when Clive starts to favour Shane. Later, Sheila finds out that Shane may have cheated, so she confronts him publicly. Has Sheila got her facts straight?

Also, Amy is excited for her new role as project manger for the Robinson Heights development and Paul is keen to let Amy know that she is in charge and he’ll support her decisions. However, things don’t get off to the best start, as Sue Parker blackmails Paul.