Aaron gets a text demanding that ten grand is placed in the old well that afternoon. Nate tries to comfort Aaron – with a kiss, which soon leads to more. Aaron reveals his hurt from Nate’s abandonment and Nate apologises, hoping they can get back together. As the blackmailer arrives wearing a balaclava, there’s a scuffle and Aaron gets a glimpse at his face: it’s Tom Quill!

Paige press gangs Amy into giving John a job and, when a slimy wholesaler comes in, John steps in to save the day. A bond develops between the pair and Amy finds John somewhere to stay: Sheila’s. But when Paige sees Amy and John together, she fears the man she has feelings for is slipping away.

Paul suggests that the only reason Mark is with Steph is to get to Paul – he’s never got over Kate. Despairing, Steph tells Mark she really likes him and the pair reconcile. But when Paul pops in to apologise, a look at Mark’s police notebook gives him a clue in his quest to clear his name.