*First episode*

In the back room of the Woolie, Chas is chuffed with herself when she tells Diane that Gordon has offered to buy Diane out of the pub. But Chas’s proud moment is soon dampened when Doug reveals her son, Aaron, seems to have vanished. Up at the hospital, where Aaron is secretly supposed to be, Robert gets a shock to find his ex’s bed empty. He’s snuck out!

Back in the village, Robert heads to the pub to find Aaron but runs into Chas instead. She furious when Robert tells her he and Aaron have spent the night together, not knowing that Robert is bluffing for Aaron’s sake. When Robert finally catches up with Aaron, he’s sent reeling as his ex drops a bombshell about his painful past…

Knowing he overreacted, Kirin apologises to Adam for trying to stop him from seeing baby Johnny. Adam’s heart breaks as he teaches Kirin a few parenting tricks of the trade. Still reeling from having found out he’s not the little lad’s dad, upset Adam makes a big decision.

While Leyla wonders if she made the right decision about not dating Nikhil, Nikhil turns to Rishi with his love problems. Admitting he once was faking it with Leyla, Nikhil tells his dad he’s fallen for her. Leyla has other problems, too, as Jacob’s back in the village but… he’s kipping at Farrer’s with David.