Following his attempted suicide Aaron’s the talk of the village – just the kind of attention he didn’t want. Awkward questions are being asked – and accusations are being made. Cain knows Aaron’s gay but says nothing when Zak wants to know why Aaron wants to die and when Diane says Aaron’s a homophobic thug because he thumped Jackson. At the hospital, Aaron wakes up – and tells Paddy he wishes he hadn’t. Chas wants to try to be the mother she has failed to be in the past but Aaron doesn’t want her love or understanding. Can anyone help him?

Pollard is also feeling desperate but not suicidal. He has a £7,000 fine to pay for hiring illegal immigrant Olena at the B&B and his partners Terry and Brenda have made it clear that he won’t be getting financial help from their share of the business. Pollard’s getting no sympathy from David, either. As a local councilor, David has been humiliated by his father’s criminal behaviour and is thinking about quitting.

All Holly seems to be thinking about is getting high. Farmer John thinks his little girl is now saying ‘no’ to drugs but she’s saying, ‘Yes, please’ and paying for them with his money.

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