How do you ask a moody teenager if he’s dealing drugs? That’s Paddy’s problem. He tries the subtle approach, leaving leaflets about drugs in Aaron’s bedroom. But even his gentle prodding is enough to provoke a furious reaction from Aaron and Paddy wants to know why. But Aaron is saying nothing, so Paddy tells him if he won’t answer his questions he’ll have to phone Jackson. And remember Jackson’s the guy Aaron met in the gay pub…

Laurel has been through hell at the hands of psycho Sally and no one knows that better than Ashley. Their wobbly marriage was just becoming more solid after Sally’s scheming had rocked its foundations, but then the bunny-boiler returned… Now there’s a huge crack in Laurel’s relationship with Ashley that she doesn’t even know about. All she knows is that Ashley has become less than keen to fulfill his obligations in the marital bed and she’s worried.

Nicola’s marriage is also less than happy… Nicola, Jimmy and Angelica are guests in Rodney’s home and she wants more. Not knowing Natasha’s financial woes, Nicola’s hoping for a pay rise, but then she gets another idea: seeing how unhappy Jimmy is, she tells him he should ask Carl to buy his share of the business. Is the King business empire crumbling?

*Second epiosde*

Paddy gets a whack from Aaron for asking him if he’s gay. How very dare he! Just because Adam says Aaron tried to kiss him and just because Aaron gave his number to a bloke he met in a gay pub does not mean he’s gay. So… thump! Shut up Paddy! Thump! Stop asking questions! But, bloodied and beaten, Paddy persists and Aaron breaks down, telling Paddy he’s gay and he hates it. Aaron’s out… the front door. He can’t face Paddy and runs away.

While Aaron’s at an all-time low, Maisie and Holly are on a high. They’ve been out clubbing and enjoying some snow – not the pretty, white powdery stuff that falls from the sky; the dangerous, white powdery stuff that can blow your mind. Not a good idea, especially for the mentally fragile Maisie. They stagger back to Home Farm, where Natasha finds them…

Olena has to face Sam. He has asked her to marry him and he wants an answer. He doesn’t want the answer Olena gives him, though. She says ‘no’ and tries to let him down gently by pointing out that she would be exposed as an illegal immigrant. Sam’s heartbroken but will he give up on Olena now?

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