Aaron’s got a secret lover!

*Second episode*

Robert’s called Aaron out to have a look at his car, claiming that it’s broken down, but it’s just a ruse to make a move on him! As they’re kissing, Robert suddenly has second thoughts and pushes Aaron away before driving off. Aaron, unsurprisingly, is left feeling very confused. Robert seems to be a bit confused, too, because after he returns to Home Farm for a steamy session with Chrissie he then runs back to Aaron to pick up where they left off! Later, when Chrissie’s in the pub with Robert she’s got no idea that he’s been cheating on her with the moody mechanic at the bar!

Ashley’s made a right hash of things with Harriet and she’s fuming! He tells Bernice that he’s gone about things the wrong way and says he needs help to put things right. His other plan may have gone a bit Pete Tong but this one actually works as Ashley and Harriet kiss! It may have taken yonks for the pair to admit they want to be together, but it doesn’t take long for them to declare themselves as an official couple.

Jai’s super-tense as everyone quizzes him about Rachel. Unsettled by his reaction to the barrage of questions, Megan challenges him. She won’t let it drop, either, and pushes him into making a confession which leaves her horrified.