Aaron’s honesty shocks Flynn!

Remember Flynn? He was the cute pool player who hooked up with Aaron back in February, when Aaron was trying to live without Jackson. Aaron was honest with Flynn back then, telling him he still cared for Jackson and was going back to him. Flynn appreciated the honesty, too. They meet again when Aaron joins Adam and Alex on a night out and, again, Aaron is honest. But this time Flynn is left floundering when Aaron shows him just how much he hates himself for what he did to Jackson.

Charity hates the idea of Jai going to see his parents without her, but that’s exactly what’s happening. Jai insists on spending a few days with Mum and Dad alone – but why? Is he ashamed of his bride-to-be – the money-grabbing Dingle she-devil with a gorgeous little boy who isn’t Jai’s? Surely not!

Meanwhile, Carl’s smiling about the news that Andy and Alicia have split up. Well, it means Alicia is back on the market – and Carl’s shopping for a new girlfriend. So he goes straight for a woman who’s carrying excess baggage. He really does like a challenge…