Aaron’s horrified by Jackson’s suicidal feelings

Aaron’s angry. He’s angry with Chas for talking to Jackson behind his back and he’s angry with Jackson for not talking to him about what he thinks and feels. It seems to Aaron that Jackson talks to his video diary more than he talks to him. And what exactly is Jackson telling his diary? When he goes for a hospital appointment with Hazel and Gerry, Aaron goes snooping. Oooooh, never a good idea. Aaron finds Jackson’s laptop and watches Jackson reveal his true feelings – that he wants to die!

Jimmy’s curious, too; he wants to know more about Kelly, such as: does he love her? And he wants to know more about himself, such as: is he the kind of man who would cheat on his wife. The evidence certainly suggests that he is, but Carl tells him he’s not (and Carl knows all about cheating…) Jimmy needs to know more about Kelly. He’s got her address and, surprise, surprise, she’s living in Peterborough, where Jimmy went missing!

Amy’s making herself at home, not only at the B&B, but also in Leyla’s shop, where she’s shopping for David’s attention. Uh-oh…

*Second episode*

It looks like nice guy Declan ain’t playing nice any more. Farmer John wants an angry word with him about giving Adam work, but Declan says Adam’s chosen to work for him, he didn’t force him. Then Declan upsets Nicola and Rodney by giving them the opportunity to buy their cottage from him. He’s putting it on the market and they’re getting first refusal. Great, eh? Well, no, because they can’t afford to buy it so if he sells they’ll be homeless. But that doesn’t put off Declan. He’s sorry and all that, but he needs the money so he’s selling up.

Jimmy won’t be put off setting up a meeting with Kelly. But Carl’s determined to keep Kelly away from Jimmy – and keep Jimmy with Nicola. He’s got his work cut out, though. Jimmy’s convinced he’s been having an affair with Kelly and that Nicola and Angelica are better off without him. If only Jimmy could remember that he’s actually a loving husband and father.

Aaron loves Jackson and is stunned to hear how Jackson really feels. He tells Hazel he’s listened to Jackson’s diaries and convinces the angry mother that she also needs to listen to Jackson’s private thoughts.

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