Aaron’s in BIG trouble with Cain!

When Aaron heard that Adam was having a tough time, he decided to pay him a visit and stop him from doing something silly, but he was too late when he found his mate in the middle of keeping watch for Ross and Donna on their dodgy job! And now he’s involved, too. The Dingles are surprised when Aaron turns up asking to stay the night, but when the police turn up to quiz Cain about a stolen car he realises there’s more to his nephew’s visit than meets the eye and demands to know what’s been going on.

Meanwhile, the residents of Emmerdale reel from the news of Donna’s death. As Ross struggles to come to terms with the death of his secret lover, a devastated Bob learns his stepdaughter was terminally ill and Marlon has to tell April that her mummy has gone.

Megan‘s convinced that Charity has succumbed to the charms of the handsome Harvey, so she asks Jimmy to spy on her so she can tell Declan about his wife’s cheating.