*Hour-long episode*

Aaron’s still overwhelmed by guilt, worried that Jackson would have wanted to carry on living if they had just made him take more time. At Jackson’s grave, Aaron confides in Ashley, who tries to comfort him. But Aaron’s hurting and the only thing that will make him feel better is if he hurts more. He scrapes his knuckles on a gravestone until he draws blood – and it hurts so good! And later, when he puts his grazed hand in disinfectant, he feels even better as the pain blocks out all the other feelings that are tormenting him.

Amy’s hurting, too. She’s determined to have an abortion to save her relationship with Val and Pollard and won’t let Victoria talk her out of it. But the doctor tells her it’s too late for an abortion. So it’s on to Plan B: which starts with lying and telling Victoria that she has got rid of the baby.

Laurel’s lying to herself, pretending she doesn’t have feelings for Marlon when she clearly does. Working on his charity cookbook is a recipe for fun for the two of them and Laurel’s clearly jealous when she later sees Marlon chatting to Rachel in the pub. But she doesn’t tell Ashley that that’s why they’re going home early!