Aaron’s in the dock for Robert’s shooting

In court, Aaron takes to the stand accused of shooting Robert Sugden, his ex-lover. Chas, in a state about her son, watches on and crumbles when he’s refused bail after pleading ‘not guilty’. Furious, Robert shouts out in the courtroom, warning Aaron to tell the truth. As Aaron reacts, he’s dragged back to the cells by the guards. Stung by Aaron’s comments, Robert wonders whether Aaron really was behind the shooting.

Meanwhile, knowing Aaron is innocent having made a pact with Ross to kill each others’ brothers, Andy is traumatised. Feeling awful about the prospect of an innocent man going to prison, the farmer hits the bottle. Sat by his dead wife’s grave Andy’s in a drunken mess when Ashley comes along. And when Andy admits Aaron is innocent and announces he wanted Robert dead, the vicar is left wondering if he’s just witnessed an admission of guilt.

Following her run-in with Emma, Chas tells James she’s scared of his wife. Cain suggests his troubled sister sees a doctor realising Chas is in a bad way.

Worried about her sexless relationship with Lawrence, Bernice tries to broach the subject with her fiancé, who dodges the question.