Aaron’s in trouble with big brother!

When Ross confronts him about Finn, Aaron does his best to ignore him but it’s clear Ross is trying to get a rise out of him. Later, Cain tells James to persuade Ross to cut Aaron some slack and leave him alone, but will his efforts backfire?

Charity and Declan wait for news of Noah, who’s been rushed to hospital. They discover that the boy has had an allergic reaction to a pesticide which was in the wine that he drunk. Charity can’t work out is how the chemical got into the vino but things become much clearer when Noah recounts that he saw Megan with the bottle of plonk…

Unaware that Leyla is having a secret affair with the already-attached Jai, Alicia tries to fix up her sister, but her attempts at matchmaking go down like a lead balloon and Leyla lets slips she’s already got a fella. Meanwhile, Debbie’s angry at Charity because her lie has caused Pete to finish with her. Later, poor Debs is heartbroken when Pete refuses to give things another go.