Aaron’s good intentions backfire

Aaron immediately regrets his actions

David introduces Rafael to everyone and things turn awkward when David realises that Rafael and Aaron used to date. Aaron is suspicious of Rafael’s intentions and in his determination to ensure that Rafael is being honest, he makes the rift between himself and David even worse. Meanwhile, Amy is stressed out as the WorkSafe investigation continues. Amy feels a million times worse when Toadie warns her that she could face $200, 000 fine if Robinson Heights fails the investigation.

Meanwhile, Susan breathes a huge sigh of relief when Karl rings to say that Izzy isn’t pregnant. After they put the phone down, Karl notices that Izzy is visibly upset and Izzy explains that she really wanted the baby. Karl tells her focus on the good things in her and, in a desperate and vulnerable state, Izzy makes a pass at Karl! Karl pushes Izzy away and goes home to tell Susan everything. How will Susan react? Finally, after feeling humiliated, Izzy makes a life-changing decision.

Also, Yashvi is excited to start Erinsborough High Girls’ football team! Yashvi posts a sign-up sheet on the school notice board, but no one signs up, leaving her disappointed. However, once Holly and Xanthe sign up, more girls follow their lead. Later, Yashvi receives some more great news…