As Aaron lies unconscious in hospital, the shockwaves of his suicide bid are still being felt… The villagers wonder why he would want to kill himself and Adam is upset that Aaron felt so desperate and alone. But, as Chas and Paddy sit at Aaron’s bedside, Chas is getting angry. She turns on Paddy, blaming him for what has happened to Aaron. As they argue Cain arrives and is stunned when Chas tells him Aaron’s gay. Then Chas tells Paddy she doesn’t want him at the hospital; she actually turns her back on the one person who has stood by Aaron. Upset, Paddy leaves, wondering if Aaron will live and, if he does, if he’ll blame Paddy for everything that’s happened.

Back in the village there are tears in Carl’s eyes, too, as Colleen arrives to collect Thomas and Anya. He was finally enjoying full-time fatherhood and he doesn’t want to say goodbye. Will he cope without his kids?

One person with something to smile about is Natasha… Declan has signed on the dotted line and, for a little while at least, she can forget about her bigamous husband’s body that she buried in the woods and enjoy showing off her handsome new business partner.

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