Aaron’s not happy with Adam!

Adam invites Holly along on a night out with Aaron, thinking he’s doing his mate a favour. But Aaron seems unhappy that she’s tagging along. Is there someone else he fancies?

Charity’s staying power has been impressive in the face of such loathing and contempt but she’s not made of Teflon and some of the insults are starting to stick. Marlon tells her she needs to get Debbie on her side but her daughter is less than convinced by her mother’s plea for another chance. In fact, Debbie thinks it might be best if Charity just takes Cain’s money and leaves Emmerdale. Will Charity do what everyone expects her to do?

Ashley has this crazy idea that he can convince Laurel to come home, even with psycho Sally still living in the village. With Doug hot on his heels, he goes to see Laurel, but she’s out shopping with her mum. Gabby’s pleased to see him but Laurel’s sister, Caroline, tells Ashley Laurel wants nothing to do with him. Doug persuades him to go home but is frustrated when it becomes clear that Ashley has no idea what he has done to push Laurel out of their home.