Carl thinks he can succeed where Chas has failed, and sweet-talk Aaron into being a nice boy to his mum. At the garage, though, Aaron makes it quite clear he doesn’t want to hear what Carl has to say and marches off. Carl realises he’s failed but doesn’t see that he has pushed Aaron too far. Furious and vengeful, Aaron tampers with the brakes on Carl’s car. And then he boasts about it to Adam! It’s all going to end in tears – but whose?

Meanwhile, Charity is looking to make peace, not war, and asks Debbie to take a day off work and spend it with her and Noah. But Debbie’s not ready to invest so much time in a woman who keeps abandoning her. Charity’s not one to take ‘no’ for an answer, though. Can she change Debbie’s mind?

Less straightforward is Nathan and his intentions towards Leyla. He manipulates Holly so that she minds the shop because he wants to take Leyla and Doug to The Woolpack for a drink. Doug can’t wait to bend his boss’s ear. Leyla, however, prefers to spend the time with David, and Nathan is not impressed…

*Second episode, 8pm*

It was only a matter of time before someone got in the car that Aaron tampered with. It was supposed to be Carl; instead, it’s Jimmy, Nicola and Angelica, who are off for a family drive. Meanwhile, a desperate Adam has pleaded with Aaron to put things right and, for once, Aaron listens… He races back to the village on Adam’s quad bike just in time to force Jimmy off the road and up on to a grass verge. Jimmy spots the leaking brake fluid and thinks Aaron’s a hero! When Carl hears the story, though, he knows the truth and furiously confronts Aaron…

Debbie decides to take a risk and spend some time with her mum. Alone together, they have a mother-daughter chat that is long overdue. But Charity has let Debbie down before. Can she really be the mother Debbie wants and needs – especially with Michael still around?

And can Mark keep his distance from Faye? Back from his golfing holiday he tees up a meeting with her outside The Woolpack to tell her that they’re to have no more contact. Really? In a village the size of Emmerdale? And when Faye is positive he still cares about her?

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