Being gay has been something Aaron has been running from for years. But in this episode he finally takes the big step out of the closet he’s been hiding in and enjoys a date with Jackson. They get on well inside the pub but when they leave Aaron panics, worried about what might come next. He tries running away from his feelings again but this time Jackson follows and tells Aaron he likes him…then kisses him – and Aaron doesn’t leg it!

Eli, on the other hand, is getting ready to leg it with Olena. Marlon has noticed how close the two have become and asks him about it. He’s stunned when Eli tells him they’re planning to leave Emmerdale. Just imagine how Sam will feel if he finds out…

Farmer John gets a bit of a shock, too… His landlady, Natasha, has a proposition for him: how would he like to buy Butler’s Farm? Natasha needs money, she doesn’t need the farm, and John is a farmer already running the business well (if you put aside the chemical spill that killed his lambs, poisoned the Dingle dog and put Carl’s kids in hospital). Natasha gives him a few days to think about it. Will John need that long?

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