In prison, Aaron’s already at breaking point, thanks to bully homophobe Jason, when a new problem crops up. Jason delights in watching Aaron squirm as he reveals he knows he’s related to Gordon Livesy, who was banged up in the very same prison for paedophilia. As Aaron’s life in jail becomes even more harrowing, will he open up and tell his family what’s going on?

Charity’s stung when she overhears Debbie slagging her off to Megan. Feeling guilty about how little support she’s shown for what Sarah and Debbie are going through, she confides in Chas, who encourages her to fly out to Prague to join her poorly granddaughter, who’s there having cancer treatment.

Elsewhere, in Lawrence’s bad books, spurned Chrissie confides in her sister Rebecca about what happened when she tried to ‘expose’ her dad’s partner Ronnie.