Abi decides Lucas’s fate

Ste catches Daniel and Abi packing and Abi lies that they’re going away for a holiday to try to get things back on track. Ste goes out for a walk and bumps into Natty, who warns Ste that Daniel and Abi have been using him. Ste rushes back to the flat and catches the couple before they make their escape. Abi has to choose between giving Lucas to Daniel or Ste. Abi gives the baby to Ste then does a runner, while Daniel is arrested for attempted child abduction.

Sarah is preoccupied trying to sort out Lucas but doesn’t call Lydia to discuss what’s going on. Lydia feels like the last person to find out when Sarah confides in Charlotte before her. After Ste’s scare with Lucas, Sarah demands that Ste hand the baby over to her but Ste insists that Lucas is staying with him.

Darren decides he wants to spend his birthday with Cindy. Steph invites Darren for dinner at six, while Hannah invites him for drinks at seven. Jack is horrified when an unwitting Darren arrives and Darren storms out to see Cindy but is forced to hide in a wardrobe when Tony arrives home. Darren finally arrives at the Dog to be confronted by a furious Hannah and discovers he’s missed his own surprise party.

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