Abi discovers Ben’s secret

Abi worries that something is wrong with Lauren when she sees her sister and mum whispering together, not realising that Lauren has had her first period. When a busy Peggy arranges for Ben stay over at the Brannings, she shares her fears. But she is even more alarmed when Ben assumes that Lauren is suffering the same kind of abuse as him and he tells Abi exactly what Stella has been doing to him.

Patrick panics when he realises that Yolande is due back from abroad and the place is a tip, but he ends up breaking the vacuum cleaner and Yolande’s favourite ornament. Peggy discovers Patrick’s plight and offers to to let Marco help out – but only if Patrick reveals all about Pat’s secret smoking den!

Denise hopes for a promotion at the post office when the manager’s job comes up for grabs and she wears her best suit to work to impress her visiting boss Mrs Masood (played by Nina Wadia). Denise can’t resist moaning about her picky boss to Yolande, but she’s horrified to discover that a disapproving Mrs M has heard every word!

Also, Stella feels put out as Peggy takes over the wedding plans.

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