Abi insists on a termination… IF she’s pregnant

Jay tells Abi she needs to take a pregnancy test, insisting if she’s pregnant he’ll support her and the baby. When Abi makes it clear she’ll have a termination, as she doesn’t want to ruin her education, Jay is hurt. Meanwhile, Lola wonders what secret Peter is keeping when Cindy keeps hinting about something in his past.

Dexter and Jay meet up with the buyer Bob, who has the £10,000 payment. Dexter finds out that Bob’s daughter Kitty is a girl he was flirting with the night before. Abi hides the money in the caravan to keep it safe. The caravan is left empty as the teens go out on various errands, while Dexter has a date with Kitty. When Peter and Lola return with food they find the caravan ransacked.

Billy’s luck has turned, after a win on the horses and the promise of a date with glamorous Tara. Leaving Kim to babysit Lexi, Billy takes Tara to Scarlett’s, only to be interrupted by Kim panicking about Lexi’s dirty nappy! Bribing Kim to go away, Billy is annoyed when Kim sarcastically notes Tara has chosen the most expensive item on the menu.

Also, Roxy is shocked when a wound up Jean claims Alfie’s still in love with Kat.