Abi kisses Ste

Abi feels sorry for a weary Ste and decides to stop drugging him. Ste later finds an upset Abi and takes her to the park with Lucas to cheer her up. Daniel is unimpressed when he finds them and Ste offers to move out but Daniel and Abi hurriedly insist he stay. Daniel leaves and when Abi is left alone with Ste she moves in for a kiss.

Steph panics that her lack of culinary skills will be exposed when Fernando suggests to the Ashworths that she does the food for a Spanish-themed night at The Dog. Steph turns to Gilly for help and they make a good team. Gilly is hopeful that he may yet win Steph but his hopes are dashed when Fernando whisks Steph off for a romantic dance.

Leila hopes that Gareth has confessed Maynard’s true age but when it’s clear that he hasn’t she feels obliged to tell Elliot. Elliot is about to confront his dad when his mum Bonnie turns up. Elliot discovers that Gareth cheated on Bonnie with Maynard’s mum, which was why they split. Leila is miserable when Elliot can’t forgive her for meddling in his life and decides to return to Wales with his mum for a while.

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