Abi sees Ste in a different light

Daniel takes Abi out for lunch in a bid to take her mind off Lucas but it only reminds them of losing their own son Michael. An exhausted Ste, meanwhile, is struggling to cope with Lucas and calls the couple for help. Abi rushes home and is touched by Ste’s struggle to be a good dad and can’t help wishing that Daniel was more like Ste.

Leila is suspicious that Gareth is not telling the whole truth when he talks about Elliot’s half-brother Maynard and she later finds out that Gareth is lying about Maynard’s age. Leila doesn’t want to burst Elliot’s bubble and keeps the news to herself but when Elliot suggests that he, Gareth and Maynard go on holiday together Leila confronts Gareth about his lies.

Gilly offers to help Step out with some DIY in a bid to get her attention. Steph is grateful but doesn’t catch on that Gilly fancies her. Rhys realises that Gilly has fallen for Steph and suggests that they sabotage the electrics at Steph’s dance class so Gilly can play the hero and fix it but to Gilly’s horror Fernando steps in first to fix the power then arranges a date with Steph.

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