Abi wants answers from Max

Lauren threatens to go to the police about Max’s revelation. Worried that Max will look guilty if he changes his statement, Cora and Abi ask Lauren to keep it to herself. When Abi asks Max if there’s anything else he wants to confess, Max gets Abi to help him clean the car lot to remove any traces of Lucy’s blood after her fall. Cora sees them, deciding to go to the police herself… Meanwhile Lauren gets another lead.

Sonia looks forward to an anniversary dinner in Beale’s with Martin, agreeing to let Bianca give her a makeover. When Sonia arrives at the restaurant, however, Martin fails to show and Sonia has an awkward encounter with Tosh and Tina. After Tosh storms out, Tina suggests to Sonia they have a night out. Persuaded by Sonia to return home instead, Tina finds an upset Tosh and begs her forgiveness.

Sharon tries to make things up to Phil by cooking him a nice dinner, but their time alone is interrupted yet again when Sharon has to go over to The Albert. When Sharon finally returns home, Phil has gone out. Meanwhile, Roxy is looking a bit too orange after buying Bianca’s dodgy fake tan!