Abra gets a surprise visitor

Another patient, Zeke, arrives for Ric and Abra’s charity scheme. The man accompanying him is Abra’s father, who swears he will keep that fact to himself. Abra is dishearted to learn that Zeke leads a street gang – and he’s been selling medication designed to help AIDS sufferers on the street for $55. Nonetheless, Abra operates on Zeke and saves his life.

Joseph is flirting with Faye when Jac appears, flaunting his grandmother’s ring in front of him. When Joseph tells Faye that he was supposed to inherit the ring, Faye urges him to make a stand against Jac. Later, the ring goes missing – Faye stole it for Joseph but he refuses to take it. Faye tells Joseph to do what he wants with it and she’s pleased when she later learns he hasn’t given it back to Jac.

Also, Abra reassures Kyla that she can always rely on him, so she’s furious when Abra’s father claims that, no matter how much Abra says he loves her, he’ll never stick around.

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