Abra leaves Holby… and Kyla

Kyla is furious that Abra had lied about his father, Cecil Heaney, being dead, and reminds him that they have a meeting with social services about Max. He asks her reschedule but she refuses. Preoccupied as his father’s condition deteriorates, Abra messes up with social services and Kyla is distraught.

To get her own back, Kyla tells Ric exactly who Cecil is and he flips, refusing to let Abra in theatre. Abra splits up with Kyla, saying she’s unfit to look after Max. When Cecil dies, Abra leaves for Africa to continue his father’s work – without saying goodbye to Ric and telling Kyla they would never have worked out.

When CID turn up wanting to talk to Maddy about Sunny’s death, Clifford does his best to reassure her. When Ric refuses to corroborate Maddy’s story, Clifford blackmails him: he won’t say a word about Ric’s secret night operations, if Ric will back up Maddy.

Later, Maddy breaks down and blames herself for the whole situation. Clifford picks her up and tells her she’s talented and amazing. She responds with a quick kiss – and then goes in for a proper one.

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