Abs attends his brother’s funeral

Abs attends the funeral of his brother, Danny, having been persuaded by Tess to go. It seems that nobody wants him there, not even his mother, Sheila, from whom he’s estranged. In her opinion, Abs is the reason Danny is dead. The only person who seems pleased to see Abs is his long-lost friend, Stacey.

At the wake, Stacey gets very drunk; he’s celebrating bumping into his old mate Abs and his imminent marriage to Ellie. But Stacey’s drinking soon causes problems – he starts to annoy people and then gets into a fight with Sheila’s boyfriend, Luke. He’s taken to Holby, where Abs tries to talk to him about his drinking.

Later, Abs returns to the wake to resolve issues with his mother. He also decides he wants to start an alcohol clinic, having promised Ellie he will try to help Stacey.

Elsewhere, Alice and Kelsey go on an internet double date, but Kelsey’s guy arrives too late and sees her disappearing as she goes off dancing with a friend.