Abs objects to Harry’s policy

Harry continues to impose his new money-saving policy of ‘no inappropriate attenders’ – but Abs is not happy with the ‘ship ’em in, ship ’em out’ approach. Flaws in Harry’s policy become evident when a recently discharged patient, Clare, is rushed back to hospital after being beaten up by her husband, Michael.

Abs tells Harry that if he had been able to spend five more minutes with Clare that morning, he could have prevented her being attacked by Michael. With Abs persisting that Harry withdraw his policy, Harry reluctantly agrees – but insists that if the department doesn’t cut resources, it may have to cut jobs!

Adam tries to teach Toby the basics of intubation – on a dead body. The staff are shocked by Adam’s unorthodox training methods, but when Toby completes the procedure in an emergency situation, Adam is confident that he’s proved his point.

Also, fearing that Devika is about to leave for India, Josh proposes.

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