Adam and Aaron are on the run!

Adam and Aaron are back in the village, but fearing that the police aren’t far behind the pair hide out in the cricket pavillion where they plan their next move. Before he can go anywhere, though, Adam needs some cash. Unaware that the job has been a complete disaster, Adam wants his share of the money, but when he’s unable to get hold of him, he sets out to find Donna instead…

When Ross returns to the village he’s in shock after the disastrous turn of events and he’s sick to the core when he sees police officers arriving at the cafe because he knows why they have turned up in the village. Seeing him in a state, Debbie approaches Ross and is shocked by his reaction. The question is, why has Ross returned to the village on his lonesome? Where is Donna?

Meanwhile, Marlon is playing with April when she asks where her mum is. He assures her that she’ll be back soon. And after a conversation with Megan, Charity calls Harvey to tell him she has reconsidered his offer. But what has he offered? And will Declan freak when he finds out about his wife’s dealings with the handsome and flirty Harvey?