Adam and Aaron’s fight starts Rhona’s labour!

Rhona gets caught in the middle of a fight between Aaron and Adam and, oh mother, she goes into labour! The fight starts because a drunken Adam wants to tell Aaron about his sneaky affair with Ella, but that’s the last thing Aaron wants to talk about. When Aaron maintains a moody silence, Adam thinks it’s because he’s met another bloke – and says as much. Wrong move, Adam! Now he’s pushed Aaron too far and they fight, pushing Rhona, who’s knocked to the ground. Aaron’s desperately sorry and apologises, but Marlon’s furious and Aaron leaves. Pretty soon Marlon and Rhona have to leave, too, as Rhona goes into labour!

So, where’s Paddy while all this is going on? Well, Paddy’s in a paddy about feeling left out of the Rhona/Marlon mix. Chas takes him for a drive and while he’s pouring his heart out to her, Rhona’s giving birth.

Nicola is trying to drive Jimmy out of her life, but he’s not having that. Jimmy gets a letter from her divorce lawyer and decides he isn’t going to be pushed around by Nicola. What a pity he let himself be pushed into bed by Kelly.