Adam and Jordan bond over Alex’s death

Adam is devastated following Alex’s death and wants to prove that Jordan should have treated his brother and ignore the Advanced Directive. Adam challenges Jordan’s actions and consults both hospital management and the coroner’s office. Jordan is fully prepared for any enquiries but remains defiant, knowing he did what Alex wanted. Later, at Alex’s nursing home, Adam makes some discoveries about his brother.

While watching the video message Alex left him, Adam starts to see things more clearly and plucks up the courage to go down to the morgue, where he is joined by Jordan. As the men finally talk, Jordan urges Adam not to blame himself for Alex’s disability, saying there are some things in life that are beyond their control. Wise words – but Jordan knows he must still face the prospect of his own uncertain future.

Also, Sharice is discharged from hospital and reunited with Zoe, and Jessica learns she’s being re-housed on the Farmead Estate.