*Second episode*

Katie’s surprised when Adam reveals he’s taking her to a posh restaurant for the night. As he wines and dines his girlfriend, Adam gets carried away with his spending so when the bill arrives, his credit card can’t cover it and is declined. Unable to pay for their meal, the couple do a runner. It looks like they have got away it, but are worried when Pete reveals he has just signed a contract with the restaurant!

With Donna being checked over in hospital, Marlon is left to bond with April for the first time since finding out she was his daughter. When she arrives to pick up April, Marlon tells Donna that he wants her to return to Emmerdale, but only on the condition that she never takes April away from him again. Overjoyed, Donna tells him that’s all she’s ever wanted.

Charity and Declan get a shock when they find Megan and Jai kissing. Megan’s angry when Declan tells her Jai is just using her, so gets her own back by telling Charity how she scuppered her plan to take Jai to the cleaners in their divorce and she doesn’t stop there… she drops Declan in it by revealing that he knew she was the mole all along! Uh oh, someone’s in trouble!