Adam and Robbie are in a hit and run!

There’s something brewing between Adam and Robbie – and it’s not a bromance of the kind Adam had with Aaron (those were the days…) Adam and Robbie are drunk and it’s trouble that’s brewing… It starts with Robbie stealing Cain’s car. He tells Adam he’s got a plan that makes them winners and Cain a loser. Adam’s up for that; Cain’s the man who stole his mummy away from him. But Robbie hasn’t come out on top in all the time he’s been in the village and this time is no different. His plan to get one over on Cain ends with him and new best friend Adam running someone over!

Kerry’s best friend at the moment is alcohol and she turns to it when Andy tells her, yet again, that she means nothing to him. Yes, he’ll help her support their baby (the one Kerry’s conned him into believing she’s carrying), but from a distance, not up close and sharing a house. Diane won’t serve Kerry in The Woolpack, though, so Kerry totters off in search of more drink – and runs right into trouble!

Gemma’s trouble is the baby she’s carrying – and she wants to get out of trouble fast. Dan doesn’t think Sean should be having a child, either, so an appointment is made for a termination.