Adam and Robbie – the friendship’s off!

Adam’s scared of telling Kerry that he’s the one who ran her over, but he’s not scared of telling rotten Robbie what he thinks of him. Robbie was Adam’s co-pilot on their misadventure with Cain’s car, but he disappeared after they hit Kerry. Now he’s back in Emmerdale (well, he was never going to stay away, was he? Not when he can live at Home Farm for free). He thinks everything will have calmed down – but he’s wrong. Adam is far from calm… They could have killed Kerry and Robbie just ran off and left Adam hanging. So Adam makes it clear he doesn’t want to hang with Robbie now.

Gennie would like to throttle Nikhil. Her man of principles is still refusing to play nicely with Rishi and Jai because Rishi told everyone he’s the father of Rachel’s baby (to protect Jai, the real father). Gennie’s being pulled both ways but Nikhil wants her to make a stand – on his side.

Megan made a stand – and went against Declan’s advice. She thought she knew better and used a supplier Declan told her to avoid. Now the supplier’s gone bust and Declan has exploded… Megan has to fix this or they’re finished.