The pressure’s building on Aaron… Adam’s in the pub, insisting Aaron’s gay and the Dingles hear him. Cain teases Aaron and he manages to join in the joke but he’s less convincing when Paddy talks to him. Desperate, Aaron tells Adam to stop spreading rumours about him but Adam says that will only happen if Aaron stops dating Holly. Will Aaron do what Adam wants, or will he decide the best thing he can do is be straight with everyone?

Suspicious of Mark’s behaviour, Natasha decides to test him. She feels that if he’s really committed to her he’ll agree to have another child. But he doesn’t like the idea at all, and uses Will’s epilepsy as a reason not to have another baby. He rushes to confide in Faye, insisting that Natasha is on to them. Will they decide to come clean, or continue to do the dirty on their families?

Ashley finally tries to do right by his family, telling Laurel that she had Sally sussed from the beginning. But Laurel still won’t come home. And that suits psycho Sally just fine, because she hasn’t given up on Ashley. She’s told Edna that she has known Ashley in the Biblical sense and that he loved it!

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