*First episode*

Having binned his job up at the farm, Adam hasn’t got two brass farthings to rub together so he’s in a bit of a pickle when Andy asks him for the rent. Later, Adam spies a way to make a quick buck when he spots two containers of drugs in Vanessa’s veterinary bag of tricks. But unable to find a buyer, he approaches Robbie with a proposition… 

After sleeping with Leyla and almost getting caught by Megan, Jai tries to hide his guilt, while his girlfriend berates her business partner for leaving the office in such a mess. She’s got no idea that the place is in a state because of what went on there the night before when things were thrown around in the heat of passion! So, it’s no wonder that Jai feels awkward when Megan tries to seduce him in the same place where he cheated on her! When Jai and Leyla secretly meet they agree that it was a mistake, but it’s obvious they wouldn’t mind a repeat performance! Could this be the start of an affair?

Meanwhile, Finn quizzes Ross about why someone tried to kill him, and Harriet finds herself helping Ashley plan a holiday for him and Carole.