Adam wants to try for a baby in Emmerdale!

Victoria's thrilled when her reluctant husband Adam gives the go-ahead to start planning a family

Victoria’s thrilled when Adam does a U-turn and decides he’s up for becoming a dad, suggesting they start trying for a baby.

Elsewhere, thinking that Joanie has read her diary, Belle’s stressed. At the factory, relief washes over Belle when her co-worker stepmum acts normally around her, leading Belle to believe she’s in the clear. But there’s trouble brewing elsewhere at the Sharmas’ sweet factory when Jai suggests the staff decides who should take redundancy…

Knowing Rhona is suffering in the wake of Pierce’s exit, Paddy intervenes. But will the lawyer agree to get help for his anger outbursts, which recently left Rhona quaking in her boots?

Struggling with the guilt of secretly causing her fiancé James’s death, Emma turns to pills to blot out the pain.