Adam battles to save Jessica

Jessica is rushed into resus following her fall at home. While Adam treats her, he tries to hide his shock as he learns that she is more than five months pregnant and that he could be the father of her unborn child. Later, with help from Zoe, Adam steals a moment to talk to Jessica, who says he’s not the baby’s father. When Sean turns up, he’s suspicious and later probes Adam about his ‘relationship’ with Jessica.

Ruth’s lack of people skills are called into question again when she alludes that the wife of a patient with chest pains is a prostitute. Certain she was refused the surgical rotation on popularity and facing the prospect of Christmas alone, Ruth feels dejected but cheers up when she bumps into Nancy in the toilets and the two find some common ground. Later, Ruth is upset to learn that people think she’s a charity case.

Zoe impresses everyone in resus – even Jordan – and flirts away with a policeman. But when the officer returns, Zoe’s confidence is deflated when he reveals that her details were given as the driver involved in a hit-and-run, and she’s led away for questioning.

Elsewhere, a usually upbeat Jay stops believing in the Christmas miracle when his patient dies, while Dixie is happily organising Christmas dinner for her, Jeff and Little Abs and is devastated to learn that Jeff has other plans.

And Jessica tells Sean she wants to leave for Saudi Arabia sooner rather than later.